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We're locally owned and operated by Retired Army Veteran, George Jordan. We've been providing high-quality and affordable services to the Chattahoochee Valley since 2003. We specialize in computer repairs and services, computer networking, and custom-built desktop and laptop systems. We also offer complete system recovery, virus elimination, residential networking, software training, home and office onsite consulting, preventative maintenance, and service and repair of brand-name laptops and components.




I became interested in electronics at an early age by helping my dad build radios and other electronic devices. Joined the military and worked on avionic equipment and automated test stations. Bought my first computer in 1982 and learned how to modify the hardware and programs to add features to the system and change the program parameters. Built my first 286 based computer in 1985 and taught myself MSDOS and Windows. I Attended Columbus Tech taking numerous computer-related classes ranging from Microsoft, networking, and Web programming receiving an AA degree. I like to keep up on the security threats in regards to the threats to computer systems and how to prevent and remove them.


George Jordan: Owner.

In the early 1970s, while serving in the US Army in Hanau, Germany working as a battalion maintenance sergeant, I was part of a team being introduced to a new piece of equipment used for diagnosing and troubling shooting problems with an Abrams Tank Engine. In come’s two civilian contractors carrying a huge suitcase.  They removed the machine and connected it to the engine, performed a series of different tests. A malfunction was introduced in the engine, and the machine immediately located the problem. Later that diagnostic machine was introduced as a COMPUTER. From this point, I was hooked. I started taking any computer course that I could find, software and hardware. I got my A+ Certification, and after leaving the military, I went to work for Radio Shack Business Division in sales and as a system engineer from 1975 to 1985. Left Radio Shack went to work for Circuit City in computer sales from 1985 to 2001. Left Circuit City and went to work For Gateway and work there for approximately 2 years.  In 2003 OnSite Computer Service was born; I teamed with Microsoft and Intel became a Gold Partner continued my education in newer software and hardware. I have witnessed the evolution of hardware from intel 286 processors until today's 10th  Gen Intel I9 Cpu’s and witnessed the evolution of Microsoft MSDOS to Windows 10.


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